Table II.

Effect of the generated mAbs on the binding of CD154 to CD40

Anti-CD154 mAbSubclassBinding of sCD154 to HEK 293 CD40Binding of sCD40 to HEK 293 CD154Binding of sCD154 to CD40-Coated Wells
Clone 3IgG2b+++++++++
Clone 4IgG2b+++++++++
Clone 5IgG2a+++++++++
Clone 6IgG1+
Clone 7IgG2a++++++
Clone 8IgG2a+++++++++
Clone 10IgG1++++++++
Clone 11IgG1+++++++++
Clone 13IgG1+++++++++
Clone 14IgG2b++++++
  • The ability of the generated mAbs to interfere with the binding of sCD154 to CD40 is outlined. HEK 293–CD154 and HEK 293–CD40 were incubated with sCD154 or with sCD40 in the presence of isotype control or specific Ab. High binding level is represented by (+++), medium level by (++), low level by (+), and complete inhibition of binding is represented by (—).