Table III.

Substitution of E112 and M113 at the CD154 cleavage site abolishes the ability of Clone 8 mAb to recognize the CD154 molecule

Anti-CD154 mAbsBinding to HEK 293 CD154-WTBinding to HEK 293 CD154-EM
Clone 3++++++
Clone 4++++++
Clone 5++++++
Clone 6++++++
Clone 7++++++
Clone 8+++
Clone 10++++++
Clone 11++++++
Clone 13+++++
Clone 14++++
  • Recognition of hCD154-WT or hCD154 mutated at the cleavage site (CD154-EM) by the various mAbs using FACS analysis is outlined. Transfected HEK 293 were incubated for 30 min at 4°C with 1μg/100 μl of the various mAbs followed by GAM-Alexa-488. The 5C8 mAb was taken as a control. Data presented are representative of five different experiments. High level of binding is represented by (+++), medium level by (++), low level by (+), and complete inhibition of binding is represented by (—).