Table I. Core science courses in the immunology major
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Introduction to Chemistry IIntroduction to Chemistry IIIntroduction to Biology IIOrganic Chemistry IIPhysics IPhysics IIMicrobial Pathogen–Immune System InteractionImmune-Mediated Diseases
Calculus IIntroduction to Biology IOrganic Chemistry IGeneticsFundamentals of BiochemistryBiostatistics
Current Topics in ImmunologySeminars in ImmunologyBiology of MicroorganismsFoundations in Immunology: The Innate Immune SystemFoundations in Immunology: The Adaptive Immune System
Introduction to the Immune System
Recommended time frame for research (minimum of two semesters)
  • This is a recommended academic plan for alignment of science courses and immunology core courses across a four-year curriculum.