Table IV. Assessment map for the immunology major
Core Course Sequence
Program Learning OutcomesAssessmentsIntroductionInnateAdaptiveHost–PathogenImmune DisordersResearch
Acquire appropriate content knowledge
Content examinationXX
Communicate effectively
Presentations (VALUE rubric)XXX
Written reports (VALUE rubric)XX
Research project thesisX
Research project presentationX
Work well as part of a team
Group presentationsXXX
Team-based learning activitiesXX
Develop problem-solving, critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and quantitative reasoning skills
Information literacy assignmentsXXX
Data analysis assignmentsXX
Behave professionally and ethically
Class attendance and participationXXXXX
Conduct in research trainingX
  • Recommended assessments in the core courses of the major aligned with the program learning outcomes.