Table I. Primary and secondary Abs and staining reagents
Reagent or Ab CloneSpecificity, SourceSecondary Abs, Source
ILA11Bovine CD4, Washington State UniversityAllophycocyanin
GB21ABovine TCR1 δ chain, Washington State UniversityAllophycocyanin/Cy7, SouthernBiotech
ILA116Bovine CD45RO, Washington State UniversityAlexa Fluor 488, Life Technologies
BAQ92ABovine CD62L, Washington State UniversityAllophycocyanin, Life Technologies
GC6ABovine CD45R, Washington State UniversityPerCP/Cy5.5, Life Technologies
M-T271Human CD27, BioLegendAllophycocyanin or PE/Cy7, Life Technologies
G025H7Human CXCR3 FITC, BioLegendNot applicable
HM-CCR5Human CCR5 PerCP/Cy5.5, BioLegendNot applicable
Live Dead AquaDead cells, InvitrogenNot applicable
CellTrace VioletNot applicable, Life TechnologiesNot applicable