Table I. Studies investigating lipidated TLR7/8 agonist formulation and adjuvanticity
AdjuvantFormulationModelDisease ModelImmune Response ActivatedReference
3M-052Oil-in-water emulsion (SE), alum admixedNeonatal NHP rhesus macaquePneumococcusOvercoming hyporesponsiveness to neonatal PCV/single birth shot protection(48)
3M-0523M-052 adsorbed to alum via helper lipidMouseTuberculosis and HIVEnhanced Ab and Th1-type cellular immune responses to vaccine Ags(49)
3M-052Liposome/SEMice and ferretsInfluenzaProtection from lethal H5N1 homologous virus challenge(50)
  • H5N1, influenza A virus subtype H5N1; SE, stable emulsion.